• William J Angell
    In another tread, a couple of my favorite Minnesota radon colleagues offered important questions and comments about proposed mitigation standards. I would like to compliment my colleagues perspectives with some other news from our North Star state.

    Rn Testing, Disclosure, and Mitigation in Rental Housing

    The first news is a bill introduced in the Minnesota legislature calling for mandatory testing for rental housing by 2027, disclosure of test results to tenants, and mitigation if results are above the magic number, 4 pCi/L. An interesting UBI is that the bill was originally drafted by students in the UMn law clinic. Perhaps, you have a law school where students could draft similar radon legislation. The bill is not perfect but it has improved with input from MN Department of Health colleagues as well as some others. With a divided legislature, it will be a challenge to get the bill on the governor's desk for signature. As you can imagine, I and a number of other Minnesota AARST radon colleagues have offered support for the bill.

    There is more information about this bill at www.house.leg.state.mn.us/sessiondaily/Story/17219
    If you are super interested and perhaps, a bit crazy, you can actually track down on-line video clips of the committee hearings. If you do so, I hear AARST is setting a special Rn 12-step retreat center for treatment where you can join me. :roll:

    Tongue-In-Cheek Perspective about Students Living in Basements

    If you need a bit of humor today about radon, mold, smells, ghosts, etc. in basement rental apartments, you might enjoy a piece written by a (Minnesota) Macalester College student at: themacweekly.com/80869/opinion/finding-housing/

    What do you think? Would a radon mitigation system improve life in basement apartments? As I sit in my favorite coffeehouse filled with Macalester College students, I ponder such questions especially as I finish eight shots of espresso before joining a legislative hearing followed by an AARST standards committee meeting. :scream:
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