• Kevin M Stewart
    The American Lung Association is pleased to announce the availability of the Radon Basics online course. It is a free one-hour interactive online learning program designed to help people understand more about radon, the second leading cause of lung cancer. We are especially proud of this work because it is yet another project that was among our own late Janice Nolen’s accomplishments.

    This course is designed to be appropriate for anyone who wants to learn more about radon and about how to test for it and fix problems, including home buyers, real estate professionals and home inspectors concerned about safe and healthy housing. Radon Basics can also equip healthcare professionals, community health workers and public environmental health educators with information they can use to encourage people to protect their health and their home.

    — Invitation
    Radon Basics is available at www.Lung.org/radon-basics and we are inviting everyone to avail themselves of this course. Please feel free to share this link with anyone who might wish to learn from the program or give it a critique. The attached rack card may also be reproduced and used as you wish.

    — We Need You
    Since Radon ListServ participants have expertise on radon and are among the first to see the new program, we are especially looking forward to receiving your honest critiques in the couple of months. The Course Evaluation section of the course will provide an opportunity for open-ended comments, and we promise to read every one and to take them seriously.

    Thanks for your interest and assistance. We appreciate your help in ensuring this new program is the best it can be. For further information, please contact .
    FY21 ALA Radon Basics_Rack Card_FINAL for print (390K)
  • Shawn Price
    The course is very well done Kevin. I enjoyed the interactive format, the platform that was used and thought the way you navigated the testing and mitigation without encroaching on industry brands was brilliant. Congratulations to you, ALA, and the design team. Janice would be very pleased with the final delivery.
  • Chrystine Kelley
    Excellent job ALA! My only comment would be that in several sections you mention resources, but I never saw a resources tab.
  • Kevin M Stewart
    Thanks very much for the reviews!

    To Chrys's question, we had made a decision to put the Resources tab up only in Module 3--which made reference to some items we posted there--but your comment does raise the question for us about whether we should simply show that tab no matter where one is in the course.

    I'll admit that it is rather understated, but at the top right of the display screen when one is in Module 3 there is the "RESOURCES" tab with a few standard EPA items available via links in a drop-down menu. See the image attached that shows how that appears.

    If there are any places where we direct people to the Resources section, but don't have it posted, please let me know at exactly which Module/page that's on. Thanks for bringing this up. And of course, for everyone, don't hesitate to use freely the opportunity for remarks in the Evaluation at the end of the course.
    Rn Basics Resources Screenshot (182K)
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