• Ryan Fox
    Does anyone know if an "official" 1990 Citizen's Guide to Radon was published?

    If one was, does anyone know where to find it?

    The only reference to it I can find at the moment is in the "Technical Support Document for 1992 Citizen's Guide to Radon." That document refers to a 1990 "draft" Citizen's Guide, for which 700 to 800 copies were printed for public comment. The draft Guide also had a 1990 technical support document.

    So if there's a 1990 Citizen's Guide, whether a "draft" version, or official version, or both, can anyone provide a copy of it?

    Just FYI, in case anyone is interested, here's what I found in the 1992 technical support document.
    “Section IV: Reactions to the Fall 1990 Draft Guide and Changes Made in Response to

    Recognizing the significance of the proposed changes in the Fall 1990 draft Guide, EPA took
    direct steps to solicit input from the public, States, and other government agencies, and to carefully
    weigh all comments in preparing the final version. EPA announced the availability of the draft Guide
    in the Federal Register on September 24, 1990 and distributed 700-800 copies of the Guide and its
    TSD for external review and comment. Although the comment period officially closed at the end of
    October 1990, EPA continued to receive and accept comments well beyond that time and ultimately
    received 143 individual comment letters totalling over 700 pages. Virtually all sectors were
    represented by the comments, including 33 States, Congress, 14 Federal agencies, numerous medical
    and building associations, universities, the real estate industry, the radon testing and mitigation
    industry, and private citizens. A large fraction of the public comments centered on risk
    communication issues.

    The final revised Citizen's Guide attempts to strike a balance between what the risk
    communication research indicates is necessary and additional information provided by public
    commenters. The final Guide addresses the concerns of the commenters, without sacrificing all of
    its persuasive strength. This section summarizes the major concerns expressed by commenters as they
    relate to each of the six key findings and describes how these concerns were incorporated into the
    final version of the Guide.3”
  • Larainne Koehler
    The Technical Support Document in 1990 was a Draft - The final version was 1992. As I recall, they did some focus group testing on the communications during this intervening time frame as well. There was a significant concern about moving the default testing location from the basement to lowest living level
    In fact NJ chose to not use the revised Citizen's Guide once released. As a State with many areas of significantly elevated radon levels, their data indicated the likelihood of false negatives was higher in NJ than the national data suggested. They believed that tipped the balance to keeping a basement level test in NJ.
    One of the risk visuals was questioned by a Division Director in Region 2 as being not culturally competent on a final review.
    As a draft document the '1990' version was probably never sent to the archive locations.
  • Ryan Fox
    Thank you. If anyone has any other illuminating information, please do share.
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