• LeAnna Norquest
    When you have a high Rn test do you design a system at time of monitor pick up or do you release the report to the buyer's agent and request permission to contact the listing agent so you can go back and do a bid?
    1. When do you send a mitigation bid for a high Rn test? (4 votes)
        Do bid at time of Rn pick up and send it with the Rn results to buyer agent?
        Send Rn test results to buyer's agent then request permission from listing agent to do bid?
  • Henri Boyea
    Heck, yeah, I send a mitigation quote along with the test results! Strike while the iron is hot!
    Radon is my only business; I have been told that some states/municipalities forbid Home Inspectors from giving repair quotes on properties they inspect.
  • Sam Grammer
    When a patient goes to the physician because they don't feel well and the doctor completes blood work, does he not offer treatment at the diagnosis?
  • John Reim
    Here in Illinois, testers are prohibited from mitigating. Hoorah for licensing!!
  • Leo Moorman
    (I am in an unregulated state)
    I try to balance this question the following ways.
    I do a test (I am NRPP Certified for testing) I send the report and when the test is high I let the client know they can request a mitigation estimate from my company ( I am NRPP certified for Mitigation as well) but the client will have to initiate that with a request, and they have the right to ask others of course, so I do not "lock them in for the mitigation" with my test.
    There is one exception to the above: If I get a call from someone who specifically asks up front in the first phone conversation if I can provide both services for them because they just want to deal with a single company (and this happens regularly). In that case I feel I can obey their wishes. As I have quoted several times on the Old Listserve the exact language of the EPA document, this approach is not against the old EPA mitigation standards.

    Leo Moorman
    Radon Home Measurement and Mitigaiton, Inc.
    Fort Collins, CO
  • George Schamabch
    We are a non regulated in NYS. When we send out a report for high Radon results we do not offer to give a radon estimate at that time. It does state the average cost of a typical Radon system in our Radon report. Maybe we should change our policy. The problem is that we average about 6 Radon sets per day so it is not always possible for the person picking up the Radon monitor to do the estimate on the home.
    George Schambach
    Professional Home Inspection Services
    Binghamton New York
  • Brian Geswein
    I echo Leo's approach exactly. I always let the client make the request. They do nearly every time. I am in a regulated state where I can do both.
    Just curious......if you do give a mitigation quote at the time of monitor pick up are you doing any diagnostics to come up with the quote. Or, is the quote based on your knowledge of what is required in most mitigation systems in your specific area, for that specific style, and age of home?
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