• Chrystine Kelley
    Hi everyone- I am happy to announce that thanks to the efforts of the Boulder County Public Health (BCPH), unincorporated Boulder County now requires radon testing by certified radon measurement contractors in all Short Term Dwelling Rentals and Vacation Rentals. Ordinance #2020-01 Section 6 A 2x states:

    An indoor radon gas testing report including the indoor radon gas testing results
    issued by a certified Radon Measurement Provider for the Licensed Premises,
    Indoor radon gas testing results shall be less than 5 years old and must be
    performed by a National Radon Proficiency Program (NRPP) or National Radon
    Safety Board (NRSB) certified Radon Measurement Provider. The Licensed
    Premises shall be retested for indoor radon gas every 5 years, and the most
    recent indoor radon gas testing report including the indoor radon gas testing
    results must be provided to guests.

    This is the first radon testing requirement for any type of rental property ever adopted in Colorado! Compliments to BCPH for their hard work! Chrys
  • Kevin M Stewart
    This is good news, Chrys.
    Every new step like this can allow us in the rest of the country to point and say, "Well, someone else is already doing that successfully, so anyone else with a similar idea wouldn't be stepping out into the void." :smile:
    Curious about a few things:
    - What are "short term dwelling rentals"? I.e., when is a dwelling rental not short-term? When is a short-term rental not a dwelling rental? Are hotels and motels included in any way?
    - How do "short term dwelling rentals" differ from "vacation rentals?"
    - What fraction of unincorporated Boulder County's rental property for human habitation is included in the two categories covered by the ordinance?
    - Wondering what motivated BCPH to move forward with this effort? Wondering why the choice was made to limit this ordinance to the rental classes named? And wondering if there are thoughts in Boulder County about expanding it once this "pilot test ordinance" has a track record?
  • Bob Wood
    Congratulations on getting this through it may be a step to getting a landlord requirement to test all rentals
  • Chrystine Kelley
    I will forward your questions to Boulder County for response. Chrys
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