• AARST National ?
    Thanks, Jane! So I learned!

  • AARST National ?
    Thank you so much for taking the time to do this research! I myself did further research last week. I found out to be a National member, one needs to be certified with NRPP, which I am, in addition to being an AARST member. The AARST CE page is really short on explaining all this.
  • AARST National ?
    Kyle, thank you for your reply. I've been a dues paying, card carrying AARST member for 13+ years. I thought in order get to the page to take advantage of the membership-perk free CE classes, you had to be an AARST member.

    Of all the AARST free CE classes listed on the page, 2 or 3 specifically state *open only to members of AARST National. This confuses me. It has me thinking there's something additional that makes an AARST membership become an AARST National membership.