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About I got started in radon in 1988 when I first tested my house. I re-tested it in 2003 and decided to mitigate it myself. I learned a lot from that process and became interested enough to take the class to become a certified radon mitigator here in California. You can read the whole story here (http://radonattahoe.com/doityourself.htm). I manage a radon web site (http://radonattahoe.com) and I sell a radon tester on Amazon (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000CEAY64?m=A25MUVCC7PFGK0&ref_=v_sp_detail_page).

One of my goals is to raise radon awareness and action in my local area, the Sierra Nevada, because of the high radon potential due to granite rock soil type. However, even though the radon potential from a geological stand point is very high (see the radon map section of my web page) and the radon tests show that over 40% of houses in South Lake Tahoe are over the EPA action level, there is still little interest in the community to test their houses. I am currently working with my local hospital on programs to get all doctors to ask patients if they have tested their home on the intake survey, and the Newborn Radon program where all new mothers go home with a radon test kit in their bundle of baby supplies.
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